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Welcome to the IPA Convention 2022!

Charting a Path Forward: Psychology’s Evolving Role in a Post-Pandemic World

IPAGS Presents Student Poster Presentation

November 10-12, 2022

Student is presenting on: Considerations for Cancer Care in LGTBQ+ Populations. Student is running for the following awards: 1. Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity Section 2. Behavioral Medicine and Neuropsychology Section 3. Clinical Section Chair

Student is presenting on: Autism Spectrum Disorder and Anorexia Nervosa: An Exploration of Common Traits. Student is running for the following awards: 1. Women’s Issues

Justyna Piszczor

Meditation as a protective factor against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

Interest Category for Award: Academic Section, Behavioral Medicine and Neuropsychology Section, IPAGS Section, Early Career Psychologist Section, Clinical Section Chair

Iqra Iqbal

Student is presenting on: Evaluating Coping Behaviors and Psychological Well-Being of Urban Youth During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Student is running for the following award: IPAGS Section

Adi Gazit

Student is presenting on: Therapist Self-Disclosure: Does disclosing a mental disorder affect perceptions of the therapist

Student is running for the following award: Early Career Psychologist Section, Social Responsibility Chair

Student is presenting on: Mental Health Among South Asian Population: A Literature Review Student is running for the following award: Ethnic Minority Affairs

Family Involvement in School-Based Suicide Prevention Program Award: Ethnic Minority Affairs

Title: Mindfulness Based Activities and Acculturative Stress in Asian International Students Awards: Ethnic Minority Affairs

Title: Bimaristan Awards: Ethnic Minority Affairs, Academic Section

Title: Trauma, disociation, and conversion disorders. Diagnosing and providing… Awards: Behavioral Medicine/Neuropsychology section, Academic Section, Early Career Psychology Section